Adrienne Rochleau

Adrienne Rochleau, DNP, CRNA

Director of Nurse Anesthesia
Nurse Anesthesia

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Dr. Adrienne Rochleau is the Program Director and a faculty member of the Nurse Anesthesia Program at Clarkson College. She joined the College in 2014 as the Program Coordinator, became the Assistant Director in 2017 and was appointed Program Director in 2021. She holds an Associate’s degree in Nursing from St. Lukes College, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Morningside College, a Master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia from Mount Marty College, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Maryville University.

Dr. Rochleau is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and works in the operating room setting at Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine as needed. Along with her administrative and teaching roles within the Clarkson College Nurse Anesthesia department, she is responsible for maintaining program accreditation and serves on the Leadership Council, Nursing Assembly, Faculty Senate, and Graduate Nursing committees.

Outside of the College, Dr. Rochleau teaches Sunday school and volunteers at a local shelter and food bank. She and her children are also involved with community clean-ups and many other service activities.

Words of Wisdom  

You are in charge of your education, so put your time and effort into studying, and ask for help when needed. Strive to be teachable, responsible, and respectful. Grow your own passion for your long-term goals and have perseverance and self-determination to achieve them. If you follow this advice, the payoff at the end of your schooling will pay great dividends by having a quality profession and being a well-educated professional. 


ANA 951-954 - Clinical Anesthesia Practicum I, II, III and IV
ANA 960-962 - DNP Scholarly Project I, II and III

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