Dawn Fichter

Dawn Fichter, MSN, RN

Program Administrator
Undergraduate Nursing

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Dawn Fichter has been as instructor in the Undergraduate Nursing program at Clarkson College since 2017. She is an alumna of the College, having earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the institution. She also holds a Master’s degree in Nursing Education from Nebraska Methodist College.

Along with teaching at the College, Ms. Fichter works as a pediatric cardiology nurse at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. At the College, she has worked on curriculum development for a number of courses and is an active member of the Omicron Epsilon Nursing Honor Society. In 2018, she earned the Positive Image in Nursing Award. 


NS 161 - Introduction to Population-Based Public Health Nursing: Theory Online
NS 116 - Introduction of Professional Nursing Concepts & Clinical Judgement: Theory
NS 362 - Population-Based Public Health Nursing - Program Management and Care of the Client in the Community: Clinical Application
NS 467 - Transition into Practice: Theory
NS 477 - Population Health IV: Clinical Application

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