Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson, M.S.

Director of Enrollment and Advising, and Advisor - RN-BSN and Nurse Anesthesia Last Names N-Z
Enrollment and Advising

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Jen Wilson, M.S., came to Clarkson College in 2016 as the Assistant Registrar and in 2019 became an Academic Advisor. In her current role, she works with Undergraduate Nursing students as they progress through their course of study while teaching in the General Education program. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Buena Vista University and a Master’s degree in Management from Kaplan University.

Ms. Wilson has more than a decade of experience in higher education and has fulfilled roles as a records consultant, registrar and advisor. Outside Clarkson College, she volunteers as the president of the Glenwood, Iowa Alumni Association and works with the Teammates Organization as a mentor to high school students.


GEN 101 – Strategies for Academic Success
GEN 202 – Managing Academic Success

Words of Wisdom

I always tell students to never take a day off from learning, and also that sometimes it’s okay to be just a little bit selfish – with your time, with your resources – they can be unselfish later, after graduation,  when they are taking care of patients and saving the world.

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