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Healthcare Business

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Geoffrey VanderPal, DBA, MBA, CFP, CLU, CTP, PMP is an instructor in the Administration and Management program at Clarkson College. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Adminstration from Columbia College, a Master of Business Administration from Webster University, a Doctor of Business Administration in Finance from Nova Southeastern University and a Post-Doctorate of Management with a concentration in global leadership from Colorado Technical University.

Dr. VanderPal has experience teaching at universities in the United States as well as abroad in France, Vietnam, Ghana, Thailand and more. He has taught courses in corporate finance, financial planning, health care accounting, international business and financial ethics.

Dr. VanderPal currently serves as the Director, Strategy Advisor and Co-Founder of Alexia Kay Design LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada, and holds an honorary appointment  as an Ambassador at Large and Economist for the Republic of Guinea Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Words of Wisdom

I am a firm believer in active learning, and I try to maintain a very lively and interactive classroom. To me, teaching is not about lecturing to students; it is about presenting theories, concepts and empirical material to students in a way that they can integrate the information into their own life experience.

Scholarly Works (Selected)

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